Thursday, May 14, 2009

Haiku and tanka for the day

The last six weeks I have participated in Mother Henna's Grief: Finding our Way small group session. Mama Henna, aka, Kara, is a force and a wonder, and I feel honored to have worked with her, even if it was briefly. We explored our grief through creativity, and participated in a forum style discussion. By we, I mean, me and other mamas who have experienced losses, mostly losses like my own, I believe.

It was really incredible. It made me think of my grief three dimensionally, which was enlightening. Creativity begets creativity, and participating in a workshop where creative, non-linear thinking is encouraged is liberating. I wanted to share a haiku and tanka written for our last session. I have been working on a poem, and this tanka is a part of that larger work. I heart poetry.

Moss-covered morning
Dew settles on my warm breath
A deep sigh escapes

Wearing somber, black,
itchy clothes and intricate
necklaces of hair,
She placed a sign on her heart
That read “Protect from idle talk.”


  1. Gorgeous, Angie.

    "Protect from idle talk"- that's perfect.

    I hadn't known about tanka as a form- I learn from you all the time.

  2. I'd love to hear more about your experience with the small group sessions. I find myself seeking new avenues to express and explore my grief so that I can become more present for myself and the rest of my family. Have you found some of that?

    And, your poems are beautiful. Peace, friend.

  3. Beautiful, Angie. Much love.

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  5. sorry had to delete my last comment, that sounds like a great workshop you took there, Angie.

    I like both of them very, very much.

    I've been thinking about my own desire to travel that path, learn to speak that language, to voice my feelings without words.

    Would you care to share a few more details about the workshop?

    xx Ines

  6. "itchy clothes" - Yes! Under the acute sorrow is the lingering, uncomfortable feeling of trying to do normal daily activities.

    Your poetry is beautiful!

  7. I echo everyone else 'beautiful' Angie.
    Thank you for your sweet comments on my page. It's been so rough lately and they mean so much to me.
    much love linds

  8. Divine words, Angie. Thanks for sharing them.


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