Thursday, August 5, 2010

fear and sharing.

I am over at Glow in the Woods today talking about when your beliefs go bump in the night and daughter death makes you afraid of shadows and gravity: afraid of the dark

While you are there, check out Tash's newest addition to the cabin library: how to plan a baby's funeral. We are sharing our experiences with funerals, cremations, and all the options in between to help others that might be searching for choices no parent ever wants to make. Maybe your experience might help someone from a hospital bed think through their own decision at a crucial time.


  1. They make me weep; I had no idea we had been so lucky with our experience of planning and going through a babies funeral. So many people treated so dreadfully and having to claw comfort from situations which just a few kind people could have made better. I really hope those stories will help the people who have to use it to find a way through that gives them so piece.

  2. Ah, Angie, you are such a wonderful writer.

    I read all of the experiences on Glow in the Woods. That is such a valuable resource that is being complied. Sadly, I've had the opportunity to recommend it to a few people, but I am glad it is there for when it is needed.

  3. Awesome post over at GLOW, Angie. You are amazing. You can articulate exactly what I'm feeling at any point in time.


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