Wednesday, June 6, 2012

glow and etsy

Yesterday, I was up to post over at Glow in the Woods. I wrote finding lost things and losing things I thought I found. I talked about cleaning out my basement, getting rid of all my maternity and baby clothes. I admit, I kept one wee box of super cute clothes for my "grandchildren." Yeah. And I talk about the Fibonacci sequence and finding a little broken snail shell that reminded me of my insides. It made sense at the time. Go over and join the conversation.

Also, I decided to begin creating and selling art again. My sister and I closed our shop the Kenna Twins earlier this year. We both found it difficult to maintain our custom orders in the midst of every day life. Mainly, I stopped so I could write a novel, except I never did quite get to the novel, yet I continued to fill my time with other shit that was not as spiritually fulfilling. Art is my passion, my spirituality, my touch of the Divine. I meditate and create, so I lost a bit of meditation on a day to day basis. So, after talking to my twin, thinking it over, consulting psychic and spiritual advisors, and then meditating a great deal, I decided to open my shop with the focus on sacred symbols, images, and meditation paintings. Everything in that shop is spiritual in one way or another. I have been focused in the last few months on linocut block printing, and I did a series on the elements--air, fire, water, and earth. Anyway, I am selling a ton of greeting cards, prints, original paintings of mizuko jizo and meditating mamas still. And in the next few months, I will be adding saint paintings, ex-votos, Day of the Dead altar paintings...slowly they will be added. ANYWAY, here is the link to my shop. 

You can like me at angie yingst studios on Facebook.

For my opening days, I am offering free shipping to all my blog readers. Use the code: stilllife. 

Love you all. xo

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  1. Ooo! Heart labyrinth print! I'll have to look into that later on when I get birthday money soon. :) I paint labyrinths (art), as you can see on my blog

    I'm glad to see that someone else use labyrinths in art (usually seeing 'em on canvas/turf/stone/ground or finger/clay). :)


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