Saturday, March 8, 2014

to linger on hot coals

Some mornings, I ache to visit this space. Lucia lives here. She lives here, there, everywhere. 

We moved.

Fall pushed against me, and I collapsed into the flow, gratefully, moving with it all. We are well. The lot of us. New jobs. New schools. New homes. And my perspective lightens in this place. So close to my childhood home, and my people in every nook here. Quiet German stock. Salt of the Earth, which always sounded like an insult to me. It's not meant as such. It is meant that they are my preserver. The one that keeps me fresh and tasty. Familiar. Sturdy. Welcoming.

I write still, create artwork. I mostly pour my energy into my business, the Moon + Stone Healing. Part of the reason I am here writing today is that I am heading over to the Mulberry Art Studio in Lancaster, PA, today at 1p. I am reading some poetry for the new book of Stephanie Cole and Catherine Bayly. I am honored to have some work in their collection called To Linger on Hot Coals. The book's website is right here. You'll recognize many of the contributors: Dr. Joann Cacciatore, Kara Jones, Sherokee Ilse, Laura Seftel, Carly Dudley, Tara Hart, Beth Morey, Amy McCarter, Hannah Logan Morris, Anne Morris, and Devany LeDrew. If you are in Pennsylvania, or in the area, please consider coming by to say hello and support this amazing collection.

I have a book I'd love to give away to one of you. And I will take it today to get signed by my colleagues there for you. So leave a comment. Let me know how you are.

In other news, I am also honored to be in another book coming out this Spring called Three Minus One, which is a piece about my miscarriage after stillbirth. Again, you will recognize some of those names featured. I will give away another book when that comes out, sometime in April. But you are welcome to pre-order it.

I am always here, even if I am not here. So send me an email (though I am crappier about emailing. It takes me days, sometimes weeks, but I do catch up!) Or connect on FB. I am pretty active there. Love to you all. 


  1. I still come by to read your words. Thank you for sharing xxxx

  2. Angie, so delighted to see you in my feed today. I will be ordering both books soon. As my grief ages, and is now settling in my life so differently at 2 years out, I still look for good grief reads. The need to connect with the human experience regarding child loss is still there. The shock is gone, but diving into what was once so raw is still like therapy for me. Thank you for that xox

  3. Much the same here. I can't delete my blog. Yet I'm rarely there. Yet some days, I need to be there. It feels like a weight is lifted after I write there. And so it remains. I miss Elias so much. I still deal with so much judgment. I can't delete people from my life when they are family. I miss "friends" who stopped talking to me after Elias died. I know I shouldn't, but I do. My life is so full. So very full. Two little ones at home, a full-time career, continuing education, a marriage, an active social life, hobbies. So why do I miss those who went silent after my son was born silently? It's just heartbreaking I suppose, loss on loss. Still processing everything, three years out. Yet I'm happy. And I'm going to be okay. And I know that. So that's huge.
    Like you, I'm much more active on Facebook than in the blogosphere. Whatever works, right?
    So glad we are still in touch there if not here. I continue to be inspired by you in your ventures, grief-related or otherwise.
    I would have loved to have gone to PA to see you read. I hope to check out this collection of poetry. I'm sure it's very moving. Much love. xo ~Lindsay

  4. You are always so poetically raw, beautiful

  5. You are always so poetically raw, beautiful

  6. I'm good. I've been thinking about you lately and missing you.

  7. Thank you all. I miss you too. the winner of the collection is Lindsay from Joy and Sorrow. Thank you all.

  8. Good to see you here. I always pop over just in case :)
    Congrats on having your work out inspire me.


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