Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Doll Lucy

I fucking hate Little Bear.

For those of you not in the know, it is a preschool show. Maurice Sendak of the Where the Wild Things Are is somehow involved. Due to some evil harpy deciding it should replace Maggie and the Ferocious Beast, it is now on during that half hour when I clean the kitchen and Bea is allowed to watch television. Let me say, it is a fine show. Benign, generally. Annoying, but fine.

This is what I hear today in little cartoon-y voices.
"Lucy is dead."
"Isn't she a doll?"
"No, she is just dead and we have to bury her."

How many times can a preschool show say the sentence Lucy is dead?

Apparently, quite a fucking few. I asked Beatrice to turn the damned television, and she declared that she was in the middle of the show, and it is her "only television time." Her voice was breaking up.

It was sad all around.

The thing about this fucking stupid evil show is that they go around searching for a box, and have a funeral, and try to bury her, then the silly evil girl, who declared the doll Lucy dead, suddenly decides "Lucy was just pretending to be dead."

Mother. Of. Pearl.

This is the thing about living without your baby. No matter how many good days you have, you still will have a bad one. Even if your day starts out beautifully, a sentence on a fucking children's show can knock the piss out of you. For hours. Tears may be running down your face before you register crying.

PS. I googled Little Bear and "Lucy is dead" because it is my nature to hunt the things that hurt my soul and this brilliant post on a site called the Creepiest Children's Shows came up. I totally agree with the writer. Maybe it is important to talk about death for preschoolers. I wish they hadn't used my actual dead daughter's name, but you know...but bringing her back to life is fucking confusing.


  1. I hate that show too, and know exactly which episode you are referring to. x

  2. Yeah, that sucks. And is weird and creepy and confusing. I'll add it to my list of shows to boycott.

  3. I've never heard of it but ugh.

    Oh yeah, that death thing, it's reversible isn't it?



  4. I've never heard of this show until now. I agree with what the author said. Death insnt something that we can play pretend with. I am sorry that you had to see this and I am really sorry that they used Lucy's name. (((Hugs)))

  5. Good. God. Thank all above Bella never liked this show. We did have one afternoon of some South Amerian (Mayan? Incan? Diego? Dora? Discovery channel? Omigod I have no idea, how out of touch was I) being that could raise the dead with reiteration from me that no, this could not really happen, and no, we could not bring back my aunt's horse or her sister.

    When this stuff comes from left field it's really the worst.

  6. omg, that is so creepy. what are they thinking? so typical - no one on the creative team is thinking about the thousands of mothers who will watch this who have actually had their "lucys" die. rat bastards. i'm sorry you had to sit through that. xo

  7. That is horrible :(

    I hate the sneaky bad days; i especially hate the sneaky triggered bad days. Yesterday i clicked on a blog link in a circle of blogs i am loosely connected to and was instantly in a blog with 4 girls and a new baby boy - called Freddie.

    God how i hate her fortune. And how i hated her for using my boys name. And how i hated her for having four girls like i do and a baby boy like i don't.

    And how i hated myself for hating her.

  8. Stupid blindside-ing. By a cartoon, no less. I do agree with you about that show--there's something not right about it. That episode sealed the deal for me.

    On a different note, I'm mad, too, that they changed the lineup! We're adjusting as well.

    Anyway, I don't like how cavalier that episode is about death--too confusing for the little ones, leaving us, the big ones, to clean up their mess.

  9. That just made my stomach flip over. Good lord.

  10. Eh? I've never heard of this show but this sounds like one hell of a confusing plot line. And stupid. And evil. Sorry that it came out of nowhere and got you.
    Maurice Sendak goes down in my estimation for his involvement. Take that Little Bear. x

  11. Oh yikes. How confusing that might make it for Bea. And really, how confusing that just makes life in general, why don't we have the power to say..."oh just pretending" and then have our children back.

    love to you xoxo


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