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For my second blogoversary, I asked my readers to comment with some of their favorite posts. Check that post out here. If you want to read some writing that others have pointed out are their favorites, here is a list I compiled a while ago. If not, carry on.

I also write at Glow in the Woods. I have enjoyed the process of writing in that beautiful space, and you can search by me, if you are interested in those posts. One of my most favorite creative projects was making this babylost conversation on xtra normal. It is also in blog post format right here.

Angie Weeping
Where the Sidewalk Ends
The Woman who Cried a River
Marriage and Travel
I Heart My Free Speech Zone
My Stamps
The Enso
Random Hairy Bits
Crazy Hair.
With Thor Home
Impossible Things
How You Go
On Blogging.
Monkey Mind.

I have been asked a few times to post my blog posts from when I was pregnant with Thor (my third child). I have picked the ones specifically about pregnancy and what we went through. I tried to list them in chronological order. I hope this helps.

More Than Jaded. (my coming out story.)
Some More Remarks.
My Stamps.
On Baking.
Insomnia and Tonglen.
About the Boy.
Newsy Bits.
And the predictable conclusion...
This time.
My Lizard Brain.
The Week of False Labor.
Big Sister.
The Sound of Horses.
Thor. (The birth announcement. And his name is actually Thomas Harry.)

If you have a favorite post of this blog, why not add it to the comment section?

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