Tuesday, February 17, 2009


hi, everyone. welcome to my blog. i kept saying i wasn't going to blog, and yet, here i am. today, i was part of a live chat with dr. dan gottlieb of whyy's voices in the family, and a regular columnist for the inquirer. it has been a pretty amazing week, bringing attention to our stories of stillbirth and healing. monday, my letter, which instigated this entire chat, was published on the front page of the health and science section of the inquirer. it is linked on dr. dan's blog, and entitled the pain of pregnancy loss.

i have been writing a lot these past eight weeks, since lucia's death. i will be sharing snippets of her birth story through the days and of course, writing new stuff as it comes up. i am hoping we can continue talking about birth loss, miscarriage and your stories. they are all so very powerful.

abrazos y besos,

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