Saturday, October 10, 2009


This week, my friend Jay asked us to remember her beautiful daughter Josie in a very specific way--to grab a cup of cocoa and watch the sunrise on her first birthday. I am an early riser, as you all know, but I do not often walk outside to sit in silence and watch the sun come up. Today I lit a candle for beautiful Josie.

I made myself a delicious, sweet cup of indulgent cocoa.

I sat in silence with Jack the dog, and listened to the birds. Silence in suburban New Jersey is a slice of heaven...I cleared my mind and thought of our losses and our joys. I thought of the way the sky blushes in the morning, and how rare it is for me to just savor a moment alone. I am always doing, always going, always busy mind.

And so thank you, Josie, for giving me dawn today. You are so loved around the world and so missed. We hold your mother close today in joy and remember your beautiful, important life.


  1. Thinking of sweet Josie this morning. Happy first angel bday sweetheart.

  2. That is lovely. Josie has always been one of my very favorite names.

  3. Lovely post for baby Josie, Angie.

  4. beautiful post and beautiful pictures angie. thinking of sweet josie on her first birthday.

    i watched a sunrise this summer and it was truly one of the most beautiful and profound experience i've had for a long long time.


  5. Thank you Angie SO much for this. Your pictures are so lovely, and I will treasure them along with all of the others - you're a great lady and an awesome friend! :) XXX

  6. What a beautiful tribute for your friend's daughter. Thinking of Jay and her baby Josie. (((Hugs)))

  7. Beautiful post and a beautiful way to remember Josie.


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