Friday, December 10, 2010


I am still in a hotel room in Western Massachusetts. Thor is crawling around trying to find odd left-behinds of past hotel guests from which he can contract some exotic tropical disease suck on. Beezus is on strike from wearing clothing, hoping her silent non-violent protest will help her achieve her goal of checking out the swimming pool again. And I am typing here annoying my husband as he packs. I was so honored to be welcomed at the Empty Arms Western Mass meeting, and to share my essay Mothering Grief, and be part of the discussion that came up after my reading. What an incredible group and experience. I appreciate Jenni of Demeter's Feet for organizing this event and for everyone who showed up to hear me babble about my work, Lucia, art, writing and compassion, and what it is like to parent after loss.

As you have probably figured out, I asked you to choose a painting or book, because I am giving one of each away. I am pretty transparent, no? So, I split up each side--15 jizo requests and 20 book requests, then randomized each side, and here are the winners:

For a copy of They Were Still Born, the winner is...LAREINA! YAY!
And for the jizo painting, the winner is...BUTTERFLY MOM!! YAY!

I am actually so excited to do this painting for you, Mama. Pink and butterflies sounds amazing. I already have so many ideas for this painting, but please let me know which jizo you connect with, or if you want anything written on it. And Lareina and Butterfly Mom, please email me with your address.

I loved hosting this giveaway, and please do not hesitate to enter the still life 365 giveaway on the 17th of December. You never know, though, I might do it again soon.

And about readings, I would love love love to come to the West Coast for a reading. But the publishers are not organizing or sponsoring any book tours at this time. My trip to Western Mass was self-funded and because I believe in this book completely, and wanted to see Jenni too.  So, I am happy to come to your event/support group/book club/house. I generally will read and host a discussion for coffee and/or bourbon. And love connecting and talking to other mamas--babylost and otherwise. I live in Philadelphia, so you know, around that area is generally easier for me. And for the West Coasters who might want to organize a reading, mmmmmmmm, I could be convinced with a little arm twisting, and husband massaging, literally. Actually, I may be heading to the Midwest in the Spring (Kansas City, Missouri and Omaha, Nebraska), so if you want to talk to me about organizing something to coincide with my trip, email me.

In case anyone was wondering, They Were Still Born is a collection of stories by mothers, fathers and grandparents who have experienced stillbirth. Edited by Janel Atlas, the book contains essays written by some bloggers you may know, as well as grieving parents and grandparents from different walks of life. Also, one of my essays is included in this collection.

You can order the book, They Were Still Born, from the following sources:
Barnes and Noble.
Rowman and Littlefield.


  1. MN is kinda close to PA. Right?

    Thanks for reminding me to get a copy of They Were Still Born. I've got a few thousand things on my to do list, and that one had slipped my mind completely.

  2. KC and Omaha are close enough for me! Glad you had a good experience sharing Lucy's story and yourself. xoxo.

  3. Can I organize a reading in my living room? Would you come for that?

  4. HEy! I'm on the west coast. How does one arrange a book reading I wonder...? What kind of venue is best for that? The bourbon and coffee I can figure out ;-)

  5. So proud of you, and so glad your truth is getting out there.

    If I buy bourbon, will you just come hang out in my living room?

  6. I'm so excited to get the book! Thank you sooooo much!

  7. You are amazing Angie... thank you so much for hosting this, and you know that if you ever find your way down here to Charleston, SC you have several mammas who would so love to hear you talk. Seriously- we have the beach- what could be better?
    love and grace-Leslie


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