Thursday, August 27, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

Thank you Cait's Mom for awarding me with the Honest Scrap award!

Here goes...

1. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs you find brilliant in content or design.

I think most of the ones I love have done this award already, but here it goes.

The Unlucky Lottery
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Between the Snow and Huge Roses

2. Show the 7 winners’ names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they have won the Honest Scrap award.

3. List at least 10 honest things about yourself

1. I am an identical twin, six minutes younger than my sister. Our parents named my sister after the Irish side of our family, KellyAnn. I was supposed to be named after the Spanish-speaking side, but my parents ultimately decided on Angie because of the Rolling Stones song.

2. My mother emigrated to this country in 1968 from Panama. She is the second youngest of twelve.

3. I have been removed from both my mother and father's families, because of distance with the former and family arguments with the latter. But for a decade, I have been collecting the stories of my family, and keeping lists of who is who and their relationships and stories. I have a life fantasy to write a novel exposing the secrets of my family. I know no one would believe it is the truth.

4. My husband and I have never been to a movie together. When we were dating, we talked about it, but sitting in a dark theater for two hours seemed like a waste of time to us.

5. In 1996, I won the Southwest Barista Championship in San Diego and competed in the finals in Seattle. I got so nervous that I broke out in hives for a month before the competition.

6. About ten years ago, I knocked my front tooth out and received 15 stitches in my lips in a bicycle accident with a roller blader. When the ambulance driver picked me up, he told me he just read an article about knocking out teeth, and he helped me save my front tooth, which is still the real tooth, maybe slightly discolored.

7. When I get nervous, I talk about Nixon and 60s politics.

8. I used to want to work for a year as a window washer in a high-rise building in a big city to satisfy my inner voyeur, my daredevil and my love of physical labor.

9. When I was a girl (fourth or fifth grade), a particularly cruel kid in my school told me I could not be a writer because my mother doesn't speak English. My school was so homogeneous that not only were we the only children of color in our grade, we were the only ones with black hair.

10. I bought my first car, a yellow 1974 super beetle, when I was fourteen, and spent the next two years illegally driving it around the backwater streets where I grew up fixing it up. I sold it for twice what I bought it for and bought my mother's car. I totaled her car two months later.


  1. Angie, These were GREAT to read! I'm fascinated that you are collecting stories of your family. Number four made me laugh out loud. You and DH are perhaps very practical, but more likely live much more exciting lives! Also, thanks for introducing me to new blogs. Peace.

  2. That last one! Eeeekk!!! (says the girl who is 33 and still can't drive...)

  3. I've loved reading your ten things.

    I do hope that you write that novel one day.

    That mean kid in number 9 can go suck her nose.

    And yes, eeeek, to the last one!

  4. Thanks for the award, Angie. I loved reading your 10 things. I think that's really cool that you guys have never been to a movie. Brendan drags me to the theater about twice a year.

  5. These are brilliant! I would love to meet you in person one day, I'm very interested in Nixon and '60s politics so your nervous chatter would be fascinating to me!



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