Sunday, September 27, 2009

A conversation

"Mama, what is your name?"
"What do you think my name is?"
"But my other name. The one daddy calls me."
"No, my name is Angie."
"What is my daddy's name?"
"What is my Kelly's name?"
"What is my abuelita's name?"
"What is my MomMom's name?"
"What is my sister's name?"
"Your sister?"
"My sister."
"Yes, Lucy. And she looked just like you."


  1. So precious. I love having conversations with my daughter about her sisters. The words are so sweet and innocent. xx

  2. I love it when Ava talks about Iris. Really, really love it. It's fascinating and sad all at the same time, watching our children process the death of their sibling. Ava and Bea will only remember fragments of this time, but I expect their curiosity about Iris and Lucy will wax and wane as they grow up. I'm not sure how Moe will feel about it as it came before him. I expect his experience of Iris will be very different because of that.

  3. I think it says so much about how we, as families, deal with tragic situations such as losing a child when our living children are so willing and matter of fact about including their lost siblings... My boys talk about Nicholas all of the time. We encourage it. It makes my heart smile.

    Thanks for sharing, Angie. Two beautiful little girls you have.

  4. I too love the matter-of-fact inclusion of Lucy by Bea. It speaks volumes for how well you have handled it with her.


  5. ARGH!!!
    Kicked right in the gut!! That knocked the wind out of me, I can only imagine what it did to you. But you know, its those precious words from innocent kids that seem to be the bittersweet ones. My Aubrey is too younge to know anything, but I'm sure there will come a day.

  6. gah! that is so beautiful, but tough. kids know so much. i think the veil between worlds -- if you subscribe to that sort of thing -- is much thinner for them. xo

  7. Lovely and heartbreaking both at once. xo

  8. I agree with Lea. This conversation really shows how past losses can get folded into everyday "real" conversation; I hope I can someday talk about Zachary with my living kid(s) as seamlessly and perfectly as shown in this conversation.

  9. I'm with Barb, this just shows how wonderfully you have handled this impossibly difficult situation to date. Both your little girls are so lovely, Angie. Bea is, and always will be, a fantastic big sister.

  10. Beautiful. I do love it when Caelan talks about Jordan because it shows that he knows who she was and how special she was too... and its sad for the same reason.

    Yeah, bittersweet it definately is.


  11. These conversations are the ones that make me feel sane. Someone is finally speaking our babies' names and NOT afraid of upsetting us.

  12. Oh, how cute she is. I love children's honesty and how they are not afraid of saying things that an adult might be.

  13. I love the way that she asked without hesitation. Lucy will always be her sister.

  14. Oh, I love this. I love that Bea speaks of Lucy. xo


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