Monday, January 25, 2010

Karma, redux.

A few months ago, sweet/salty kate and I exchanged an email about the idea of our babies being bodhisattvas, Buddhism and karma. I told her a bit about my experience with my Buddhist therapist, and she asked me to share some of that experience on Glow in the Woods.

Go and check out my guest blogging experience today at Glow: the inescapability of karma, maybe.


  1. "Without a physical reason why Lucy died, it is hard not to search for a metaphysical one instead. It is hard not to speculate on why the Volcano Gods are angered, or what action in my youth caused my daughter to die now."

    This is what I struggle with with Kai, daily. Ironically, now that we have an absolute, scientific, indisputable reason for why we are about to lose Chip, I struggle with it anew. Having a medical answer doesn't mean that I think I angered the gods any less- I just think their methods are getting more creative.

    I love and admire your ability to turn away from that narrative and turn towards compassion and self love, as many times as it takes. Personally, I suck at that.

  2. An incredible piece of writing, my dear. x


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