Thursday, January 28, 2010

Newsy post and a GIVEAWAY

Thank you all for the love and support this week. It has been a rough week for more than simply the friend-thing. Finally heard about the insulting settlement offer the insurance company tossed in our lap for the car accident I was a passenger in at 29 weeks pregnant with Lucy where damage appeared on the placenta, but was not the cause of death. Insulting is a kind word. Tomorrow I meet with my new OB for the first time. Both anxious and excited to see what she has to say, and to hear Thor's heartbeat. Even though I can feel him moving, I am still not convinced that everything is fine until someone wearing a stethoscope says it is so. And even then, they have been wrong before, you know. The main wild card is simply what happens now--we shall see.

I am not in terribly dire spirits anymore, but still sort of this general greyness hanging over my head. And's to the good stuff, I have some announcements.

ONE: Community Poem deadline on still life 365 is tomorrow! There is still time to submit your command for healing. Just know that I am under the belief that we never quite heal from our baby's death, and like Elizabeth McCracken, I believe that "closure is bullshit." So this is perhaps one of those challenges that will be a bit more radical. The directions are right here, and you can submit on the comment section of that post, or this one, or you can email me at stilllife365days(at)gmail(dot)com. The new Community Poem goes up on February 1st, so you know, comments will be closed at 12 pm or when I get around to it, because I need time to compile it.

TWO: Whenever I am a bit down, I like to do a giveaway, or some random act of kindness or weirdness for someone else. Tomorrow IS Friday, after all.

As many of you know, this week was deemed the most depressing week, or last week was, and this one isn't any better, really. It is still grey and wet and cold and it has gone on FAR too long and with WAY too much bad shit happening to beautiful people. And so, in the spirit of banishing the bullshit, I am giving something I made away! YAY!

Something needle felted, but what? That is is up to you. You get to decide which design and form you would like in your comment. The winner will get something made especially for them.

You can pick a needle felted heart, either with funky colors (your choice) or your baby's name (no need to have had a baby to enter this one)

I can make this is a bunch of styles and with any colors that are meaningful to you.

These two I made for my beautiful friend Sarah with her babies' names.

OR you can choose a Dia de los Muertos calavera, these styles are pretty much set, but showing you that there can be two different ways the same calavera style can look.

 OR you can choose some SUSHI

OR you can choose, to be a bit cheeky, the anatomical heart, which is as anatomically correct as you can get with a needle and some roving. I did have my husband's medical textbooks out on the couch next to me, needling away.

OR you can choose a Friend of the Bees piece.

In the comment section of this post, please let me know which one you would like. The sushi would be for EITHER the roll, OR the tamago nigiri, OR the salmon nigiri.

You can choose to have any piece either as a magnet, or a pin, or just the way they are--unadorned.

Anyone is welcome to participate. No need to be a babylost mama, just a reader. If you choose the heart, please specify what you want the heart to look like, or to say, if you want someone's name on it, or something Ghost-ish like "Ditto", and what colors you would like. If you choose the sushi, indicate which sushi is your favorite. Sushi looks really cool as a roll, cut and sliced, then made into magnets. I did that for forward tumble and was very pleased with the outcome. She took an awesome picture of it. If you choose a Friend of the Bees, indicate what color you would like as a background. The anatomical heart and the calavera are what they are. Sorry. I am good, but I cannot change the form of a heart, but still tell me if you want it as a magnet or pin.

So, okay, again the choices are: heart, anatomical heart, Friend of the Bees, Calavera or Sushi. Here are some color choices (who knew this picture would have more than a show-off to Jen?)

Those little packages have variants of teal/aqua, bright red/orange, purple/magenta, and some other ones I can't remember and am too lazy to look at right now.

Good luck. I will randomize a winner either Friday night, or Saturday morning. I will close comments when I do it! Hope this is a good giveaway. I might choose two if I am feeling it.

(Y'all know what is going on here, right? I need needle felting projects for my nervous energy.)


  1. Girl, you are making an impact (positive) on the world. That is, you are taking this KuKd experience and - unlike me, who uses it as an excuse to bitch about stuff and eat bon bons - doing something creative and useful and wonderful with it. Kudos to you and you're an inspiration. I'm still toying with the community poem. I'm drawing a blank, dude. Will keep working on it.

  2. Angie art! Yay! And being given away free! Double yay!
    I'd love a sushi magnet!

    And what Monica said - you continue to inspire me with the good you do for us all.


  3. Your little felted bits are so damned cute.

    If I won, I'd want you to choose! I like surprises!

  4. Those are amazing!
    I'd take the bee's in a heart beat. I've always liked bees.

  5. Wait, what was going on? I was distracted by the pretty colors. IN ORDER. :)

    Sushi, sushi, sushi!

    I hope this next week is better.

  6. You are so creative and talented, Angie. I would definitely pick a heart with my Sydney's name on it. :)

  7. angie, i'm so sorry you are having such a rotten week. seems like you have the ick coming at you from all sides. thinking of you and hoping you have a better week soon.

    i would like to enter and would like a bee please - with orange background. not long after brian and i got serious, lilly made a bumblebee out of pipecleaners at school. it was the first thing she ever gave to me, and she named it "JenBri." my girlfriend saw it and said "watch out - that's a fertility symbol!" three months later i was pregnant. since we are trying again, i'd definitely be up for having another fertility symbol around. xo

  8. I would love an anatomical heart to give to my babysitter. She would absolutely LOVE it!!!

  9. I meant to de-lurk during the appropriate week, but a sinus infection and general blahs kept me from doing so. I've been reading you for a while. We are sort-of neighbors; we share the same (cold, gray, depressing, freezing - at least today) city.

    I'd love a sushi roll magnet. :-)

  10. Oh my gosh, the anatomical heart is great. Love the bees and sushi too - adorable.

    Hang in there- [hugs]

  11. Oh, lovely Angie. Welcome to the "Shitty-Week-Club". Same here... And - just like you - I was happy to get in a mosaic order today. Perfect for restless hands syndrome...

    I love to enter the give-away... I adore the (smaller) calavera and would love to have it as a magnet.

    Hang in there and keep on crafting... xo

  12. Oh Sushi. Definitely sushi. Chef's choice.

    Sorry for the crap ass week. Some are like that. Hang tough, Thor.

  13. I second what Kukd Chick wrote Angie- you are making such an impact on a such a profound level with so many people. I wish for this next week to be fantastic for you!!! The give away is very exciting!! the possibility of having a little bit of Angie goodness with us at all times! YES!! and yes to the Bees!!!

  14. May I come to a meeting of the Shitty-Week-Club, too. I'll bring chocolate. I'm sorry Angie, both that you've had a rough one and that I've been reading only sporadically and not commenting. I'm having a bad week too, and the weather up here is blah as well. Probably same as yours but maybe a bit more snow and really f-ing cold today. But I'm here now and thinking of you and sending love. And all your needle-felted goodies are wonderful. I'd love a heart magnet with Sierra's name on it - you can pick the colors for me.


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