Thursday, April 16, 2009

Conversation with Bea

"Mama, look. Mama. Mama. Look." Sam and I were having some after dinner conversation, a glass of wine, sitting with the puppy and our girl, while she drew next to me.
"Mami, look."
"Wow, Beatrice, what are you drawing?"
"You are drawing Mami?"
"Yeah, Mami. Mami. Crying. Mami crying."
"You are drawing Mami crying?"
"Yeah, Mami crying. Mami crying. Look, Mama."
And a swirl of circles in blue and green and yellow. I looked at Sam,and we looked down again.
"It's beautiful, Bea, just beautiful."
"Thank you, Mami. Mami crying. Look, Dada. Look. Mami crying."


  1. I'm so sorry Bea has to see you so sad all the time. Those bigger kids who lose a sibling learn too much about how cruel life can be far too early. It is not fair. I bet her drawing was beautiful though.

  2. What a sweetsadbeautifulsorrowfulloving story. I'm so touched and sorry to hear it.

  3. Sigh. How amazing what she sees, and the colors she chose. Heartbreaking and beautiful all at once.

  4. I know this one, all too well. Abrazos to you and Bea.

  5. While it's all very sad, I'm happy that your daughter Bea is such a beautiful soul. To notice Mami and to feel Mami's emotions is beautiful. I'm thankful that Bea expresses her awareness to you. Hiding it -- you from her and vice versa - would be a tragedy.


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