Thursday, April 16, 2009

For Danielle-updated

Kai, we light this candle for you this day--day of expectation, day of possibility, day of you.
Kai, like water, your being flowed into your mother Danielle and father Alan filling them with awe, light, and love.
Kai, like stones, we wanted the solidity of your body to hold here in our everyday, though your spirit lives in our hearts, our minds and our souls forever .
Kai, like moss, your time filled your parents with a soft comfort. Moss reminds us of your parents and their broken hearts.
Kai, we light your candle next to Jizo who protects the children not yet ready for this world--the water children, all of our children.
Kai, the world misses you. Your parents miss you. We all miss you.

from the lovely Carly's site...her tribute and video for Kai.


  1. Dani, we're all thinking of you today and holding baby Kai close.

  2. Thank you beyond words, Angie.

    What a beautiful jizo you have. Hope he's got room for Kai in his sleeve along with precious Lucy.

    Love you.


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