Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 3--A television show

Day 3 - a television program that helped you either get through hard times or that moves you.

Really, my television experience since Lucy died has involved crappity crap crap. I love crap. I will watch it for hours and not cry. Mostly that was all I was looking for in the early days, to find something that got me out of the relentless drumming of "Lucy is dead. Lucy is dead." And so I obsessively watched America's Next Top Model whenever it came on, which was usually a marathon on Ox.ygen. I love it and loathe it. I do not pretend to approve of ANTM as a feminist, or a mother, but I love me some Tyra and Mr and Mrs Jay, and Nigel Barker and Janice Dickinson, who cannot get any more bitchy and fabu. Where else can you hear someone say something like, "If this doesn't work for me, then I'm definitely going to go back to pageants because I think that really helps you develop more as a woman, where modeling is just more of a career."

Let's face it ANTM isn't on every day, so I also used to spend much of naptime (when I would watch crappy television) catching up on the reality shows of Bravo. I watch reality competition shows like Top Chef and Project Runway. I do love watching people do the thing they love to do, and I love challenges. (Ahem, see still life 365, people.) People being snarky and competing as a stylist? Hell I'll watch it. Designing a room? Making art on demand? Alright that one was awesome. Pretty much if it is marketed to gay men, I am so there. And yes, I can talk about the Real Housewives of almost anywhere. Actually, my sister and I were live blogging those reality shows, because we are aware how terribly vacuous they are, but they do make great snark fodder. And we make each other laugh.

Sigh. I'm not proud.

I have to say, though, this does feel good to admit I'm not watching public television all the time. I love pop culture and television, even if mostly, I feel out of the loop. Anyway, the wrap-up of this post is that if it gets me out of my head for an hour, I love it. Remember I didn't come here to make friends. I came here to be America's Next Top Dead Baby Blogger. Actually, I did come here to make friends.

(I realized last night that I did want to catch up and be Day three on the third, because otherwise it will confuse me. So, I missed day one, but made up by posting FOUR TIMES IN TWO DAYS. Sorry for the Reader Flood.)


  1. So, I too love crappy reality TV. I blame my husband for getting me hooked but really, RHOAnywhere is a trainwreck I can't resist. And, being so markedly different from my own life, it provides a nice departure from reality. There's some delicious irony.

    I can't get into the "kids'" shows--i.e. Jers.ey, The Rea.l Worl.d (is that even on anymore?), as I find them, ahem, too ridiculous. But Out? Rachel Zoe Project? Irresistable.

  2. For me it's Project Runway! As a commentator on NPR recently noted in a piece about reality shows. "You know it's a reality show, if there's a character who says, "I didn't come here to make friends." So, now it's out, I am mostly a PBS and documentary, Book talk, and history channel kind of gal!

  3. Yeah, you totally faked me out with the 4 posts in 2 days.

    "The Office". Always. We were discharged from the hospital on a Thursday, and I distinctly remember thinking "Thank G-d the office is on tonight." One line from the show that night actually made me laugh, and it was my first real indication that I might not die of sadness after all.

  4. LOVE that you're posting so frequently. Gets me out of my head for a few moments...

    I've become obsessed with the Style Network, Lifetime, Bravo, and the Game Show Network. Basically I love watching hoarders clean up their mess, people who think they're more important than you because they make clothes, and 70's game show reruns.

  5. You can post four times in two days whenever you want. I've totally been known to do that myself.

  6. WOW, what is it about reality TV that helps us DBMs? I guess its the mindlessness (I'm picturing Eddie Izzard mimicking eating popcorn at the movies) and the BAM BAM BAM one after another way they program them. But I too have the guilty pleasure of Food Network marathoning and Real Housewife snarkfests.

  7. I love ANTM. Tyra, Mr and Mrs Jay.
    Oh the memories.

    Sadly, we no longer subscribe to Sky but I will never forget one of the best television programmes ever made.

  8. Real Housewives of Anywhere, except I didn't watch DC. I have never seen the Jersey Shore or Real World or those shows, but YES to Team Zoe. I love seeing what she wears. A few weeks ago, I was flipping through and saw her on QVC and came like a milisecond away from buying a faux fur vest. My sister talked me down.

    I do love NPR, and basically don't watch anything but Bravo, Oxygen, Lifetime, the channel for women, and I do watch some HBO series, and sports.

    ANTM is the show where in the same judging they called the same girl both too fat and too skinny to be a model. That takes balls.

  9. I vaguely recall bonding with you over an ANTM marathon back in the days. You know, those days when if you woke up and stayed up and functional for a few hours it was a major, major milestone.

    The day we were discharged from the hospital there was an Oscar De La Hoya PPV on and we talked M's parents into buying it and letting us watch it on their bigger, nicer TV. And we drank and drank and drank and cried and let the puppies lick our tears as we watched grown men pummel each other. And found peace in it.


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