Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 6 - twenty things that calm you.

Day 6 - twenty things that calm you. In no particular order.

1. A bath
2. Herbal tea
3. Painting
4. Writing
5. Listening to my daughter talk to herself 
6. Sketching
7. Smelling my children's hair
8. Day-long rains
9. Cleaning
10. Cooking
11. Pick-axing
12. Showers
13. Clay
14. Holding one of my sleeping children
15. Chopping vegetables
16. Doing dishes
17. Listening to windchimes
18. Coffee
19. Settling into bed, knowing I have a kick ass book to read.
20. Being held by my husband.


  1. love this list. This was my favorite day to compile.

  2. Great list Angie, some of those things should be on my list too.

  3. great list, does coffee really calm you though?? xxx

  4. I'm sorry, you seem to have forgotten to include ME on that list.

  5. I'm impressed that you have found the zen of dishwashing! I'm still searching for that one. Great list.

  6. Oh 19! Certainly. I feel all fluttery and annoyed if I haven't got an at least half way interesting book to hand.

  7. It's funny--I used to rage against the dish-washing machine, putting it off until the last, most grossed-out minute before digging into the sink. Now, I find a kind of calm in the repetition of soap, scrub, rinse, repeat.

    I'll never admit that to my husband, though ;)

  8. pick-axing is great to get out the anger and stress. And you get much needed landscaping done.

    Coffee is relaxing when I am drinking it, and then I'm off to bounce off some walls. Chilly autumn mornings with a big cup of coffee watching the sun come up.

  9. I'm telling you- this is too long for your comments section:

    1. reading
    2. taking a bath
    3. the Hudson River
    4. the moment the doors close on an airplane
    5. Alan stroking my hair
    6. massages
    7. tea
    8. following my breath
    9. eating after I've waited too long to eat
    10. acupuncture
    11. a long run on the treadmill
    12. taking a dance class
    13. The NY TImes Sunday crossword puzzle
    14. getting engrossed in a play
    15. doing therapy mindfully (giving, not getting)
    16. The Weepies
    17. Simon and Garfunkel
    18. walking long distances
    19. baking
    20. mending a seam that's opened or sewing on a button

  10. 1. visiting Aiden at the cemetery
    2. naps on the couch
    3. playing hearts on my computer
    4. doing anything with my husband
    5. swiffering our wood floors
    6. reading the bible
    7. walking on the beach
    8. reading blogs written by BLM's
    9. flying
    10. wine
    11. driving down pacific coast highway
    12. creating with my hands
    13. watering our garden
    14. playing cards with my mom
    15. journaling
    16. cooking
    17. talking with my husband in bed
    18. therapy sessions
    19. pedicures
    20. sweating

  11. NY Times Crosswords, I'm sorry I forgot your calming, soothing ways. Danielle, it is not too long! I love it, and am so glad you are answering them. Angie, yeah, cards are so relaxing. Forgot that too. I would add playing cribbbage and the NY Times Crossword.


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